Schreurs & Sons has a range of brands and packaging styles to suit our customers' requirements. Please contact us if you require further details about our product range and packaging.

Schreurs & Sons

Schreurs & Sons is our primary brand for all of our packaging. It is used across all of our celery, leek and baby leaf lines both in Australia and overseas. Whilst the Schreurs name has been synonomous with fresh produce for over 50 years, our brand was revitalised in 2013 to reflect the company's new leadership and the introduction of our value-added product lines.

Celery Girl

Our Celery Girl accompanies some of our Celery packaging, including both the Crunchy Cuts and Crunchy Whole ranges. Joanne (named after our Grandmother) was 'born' in 1976 and she immediately brought attention to Schreurs & Sons. Originally known as the 'celery girl', Joanne quickly became the symbol of our celery brand. 

Tarwin Farms - Coming Soon

Tarwin Farms is our most recent addition to the Schreurs family. It is a premium brand that accompanies produce grown and packed at our Tarwin Farms location in South Gippsland.